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Small Console with High and Detailed Graphics
PSP - Playstation Portable - is one of the handheld console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2003. it was the powerful console which can handle High End Detailed Graphics on a handheld. The Predecassor such as SNK Neo Geo Pocket, N Gage has failed. PSP has many Model Including :
  • PSP 1000
  • PSP 2000 Slim /Lite
  • PSP 3000
  • PSP Go
  • PSP E1000

The PSP was suceedeed by playstation vita which has backward compatibilty to play PSP.
nowadays PSP Game can be play on PC and Android device with the help of Emulator.

What is Emulator ?
it's the small software than can create and emulate same environtment as the console does.

What is RAR ?
RAR is a compressed archive generated by WINRAR and other application that can compress big file to smaller file .

How to Open RAR File ?
to open RAR File, Simply install WINRAR and other similiar software like Winzip, Zarchiver , 7zip to open this kind of file
after that, you need to extract RAR file to get actual file inside RAR

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